Diversity and Religious Tolerance: Best Two Mascots of Indonesia

By: Ananda Rasti

According to Dr. DyahAdriantini Sintha Dewi, SH, M. Hum, she used the motto Unity in Diversity that comes from the writings of the Book Sutasoma Tantular MPU during the Majapahit kingdom have shown their acceptance of the Indonesian nation. It is recalled that, even though the nation.

Indonesia consists of various tribes, customs, religion, language area, but the use of a term that comes from Buddhism and Hinduism, got a deal to use without causing turbulence conflict between faiths other. Indonesian culture which assumes that the state as a large family, has been able to corroborate the validity of the slogan Unity until today.

“There is an attempt to undermine the diversity in the life of nation and state in Indonesia, is something that must be addressed seriously to handle,” said Faculty of Law, University of Muhammadiyah Magelang, Central Java.

It is not easy to set up and organize a country with a vast territory sangt, the number of very large population with diverse customs, the local language, culture, religion and diverse character. Diversity is very likely a precursor to a split. For that, it is very great and we have appreciated the idea of the founding fathers who cite sentence MPU Tantular buildings, “Unity in Diversity” as the basic motto Tunggal Ika Indonesia.Bhinneka countries in the context of Indonesia is a house that consists of 17,504 islands, 1,360 tribes nation, 726 regional languages, in addition to the diversity of religions and beliefs that are recognized by the state.

Pancasila Law State Concept

Law state concept developed in accordance with the character of a nation. The birth of the concept of rechtstaat in Europe come from a struggle against absolutism so revolutionary in character, while the concept of the Rule of Law developed evolutionary. The values contained in Pancasila, it is appropriate pembangungan used as the basis of law state concept for Indonesia, given that the values of Pancasila is extracted from the Indonesian nation itself, thus reflecting the identity of Indonesia. Is what distinguishes the identity of the Indonesian nation with other nations.

Unity in diversity as a paradigm in the enforcement of law state concept of Pancasila, the Unitary Republic of Indonesia is an Indonesian law states that “Indonesia is a country of law”. In general, that the concept of state law governs the exercise of the powers of government are based on the law. In carrying out the concept of Pancasila state law, which departs from the original attitude of the Indonesian nation, that the need for appropriate paradigm as guidelines.

In order to uphold the concept of state berketuhanan as the realization of diversity with based on tolerance, hospitality and mutual cooperation as a reflection of the values of Pancasila, the activities of state administration in Indonesia needs to be a strengthening of the legal system in the activity of state administration in Indonesia, which includes three (3) elements, namely the substance, structure and legal culture.

In relation to the substance, that the provision in Article 29 of the basic Law of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945 must be thoroughly understood and internalized by the entire nation of Indonesia. While related to the structure, that state officials have a duty to safeguard and overseeing the implementation of Article 29 of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945 in order to awake the tolerance and religious harmony in implementing the provisions of the respective adherents.

The element becomes dominant legal culture, considering the key is in the attitude and behavior of people. That Indonesia was formed starting from diversity is a matter that cannot be denied, so that the legal culture of society to respect the existing differences into demands in upholding the law state concept of Pancasila.

Rejection of FPI and HTI

Board of NahdlatulUlama (NU) took a light attitude about HTI and FPI movement. They appealed to citizens not to approve NU even engage in acts of both movements because of the spirit of the latter two organizations are outside the values of propaganda ahlussunnahwalJamaah. According Katib Aam PBNU KH Malik Madani, NU members should not be affected by HTI and FPI and NU members in the area to keep local aqidah NU members of the teaching of the splinter in Islam.

“If HTI movement contrary to agreements the sole principle of Pancasila as the state, the actions launched by the FPI does not refer to the missionary zeal Aswaja. Practice amarmakruf and forbidding the evil FPI models, there is no reference in the books of scholars sect “, said Kiai Malik (http://www.nu.or.id/post/read/51730/nu-tolak-tegas-gerakan-hti-and-fpi)

Previously, FPI face rejection from various elements of society in some areas. This happens because they assess the FPI often violent action. Based on Tempo note, here’s a

FPI denied by Dayak in Central Kalimantan. A number of mass organizations and citizens of Dayakoppose the establishment plan FPI in Central Kalimantan province. They assess the FPI is a mass organization that is synonymous with violence, so it is not in accordance with the Dayak culture, namely Huma Shopping, which has the meaning of unity in diversity. Chairman of the Youth Movement of Dayak, Central Kalimantan, Yansen Binti says Huma betang philosophy uphold peace and inter-religious tolerance. “While the FPI is often used violence to achieve its goals,” said Yansen, Saturday, February 11, 2012.

Muslims fighter rejection in Kediri. Chairman of the Indonesian Muslim Silat Action Movement (GASMI), Zainal Abidin, balks presence of FPI in Kediri, East Java. Silat organization has even foiled the formation of FPI in Kediri. Gus Bidin Zainal -Call Abidin- ask members of FPI continue to dissuade the organization, if it does not want to deal with the Muslim fighters. Therefore, he considers that the FPI has been a scourge for the Islamic struggle. Instead of proselytizing, they just spit violent behavior. “Moreover, everywhere brings attributes and symbols of Islam,” said Gus Bidin, Tuesday, February 14, 2012.

Opposed by students in Kupang. When commemorate Youth Pledge Day, October 28, 2013, dozens of students in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), take action to deny the existence of the FPI and HizbutTahrir Indonesia (HTI). According to them the presence of two Islamic organizations is contrary to the principle of unity in diversity. The action coordinator, Ilo said this action is a form of youth concerns to the life of the nation increasingly intervened by hard-line organizations that have come out of the values of all bhineka’s. “We ask the government to disband the FPI and HTI,” he said.

Intercepted by Wonosobo residents. Some residents in Wonosobo, Central Java, could intercept FPI Chairman of Central Java, Syihabudin, after lecturing at recitals in the village Bowongso, Kalikajar. They are offended by the content Syihabudin lectures that do not like the activity Banser – wing organization Nahdlatul scholars, who take care of the church when there are religious activities.

Sweeping threatened in Tulungagung. Peace Love Community Alliance Tulungagung rejected plans FPI declared itself in Tulungagung, East Java. “We do not want Tulungagung littered by people who justify violence,” Maliki said Nusantara, a spokesman for the alliance, Monday, October 27, 2014. Maliki said he would make sweeping against members of the FPI, if you dare to do mischief. In fact they are also ready to perform a physical war, if necessary. Because the lunge of FPI has been considered as bad and damaging the image of Muslims.

Dismissed by Pontianak citizen prosecuted. Thousands of people gathered at the Home Shopping, JalanSutoyo, Pontianak, on Thursday, March 15, 2012. They demanded that West Kalimantan FPI dissolved. They come from areas immediately adjacent to the city of Pontianak, among others SeiAmbawang and Foreman. This conflict triggered clashes issues, the aftermath of fuss decrease rejection FPI banners in West Kalimantan.

Learn and listen from the facts above, including the development of bigotry increasingly acute happened lately, it is not wrong if the public demanded that the government is firmly against the radical organization, not only the nuances of Islam but also shades of other religions, because his radical organizations and intolerant of any religion ruin sacred teachings of nature.

*) The author is the observer of Politics and Security at the Institute of Political Analysis and Democracy (LAPD) in Jakarta.

Best Two Mascots of Indonesia

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